Congrats to Danneel and Jensen!

Rumor has it that today was the day for their wedding rehearsal, and that tomorrow is the big day!

I wish them nothing but the best!  Happiness, great health, love, and prosperity in all things!!

Best wishes to you two, always!

And congrats to Danneel for her show being picked up!  NBC announced that it bought "Friends With Benefits," Danneel's sitcom.

Here's the details on it: "From Oscar and Emmy winner Brian Grazer, Friends With Benefits is a half-hour comedy revolving around a group of twentysomething singles as they navigate the difficult, and often confusing, world of dating. Ben Weymouth (Ryan Hansen, Party Down) is on the hunt for the perfect woman who meets his unique set of standards, while his best friend, Sara Maxwell (Danneel Harris, One Tree Hill), is just looking for a man to settle down with and raise a family. Ben and Sara have fallen into the habit of turning to each other for moral and physical support as they wait for Mr. and Ms. Right to arrive. Their friend Aaron (Fran Kranz, Dollhouse), a romantic at heart, doesn’t approve of Ben and Sara’s complicated friendship, but he, along with womanizer Hoon (Ian Reed Kesler) and straight shooter Riley (Jessica Lucas, Cloverfield), are all distracted with their own dating trials and tribulations."

I'll give it a try!

And you can see a small picture of Danneel and Ryan, here.


Smallville Finale

Happened to watch parts of the season finale of SMALLVILLE tonight, and THAT'S how you do an exciting, epic finale!

I don't even really watch the show, and it had me on the edge of my seat!

Kudos, Smallville!  9 seasons of finales, and you can still do it right, whereas SPN can't even manage 5 seasons.


And now, for something completely different...

Saw this quote in my ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY magazine, and it made me laugh out loud.  From Seth Meyers on "Weekend Update" on Saturday Night Live.

"On Thursday, the Dow fell 1,000 points because someone entered a billion instead of a million.  How is that possible?  How is there not a backup system?  When I delete a picture on Facebook, it asks me if I'm sure.  Why is Facebook more squared away than the Dow?"

HA!  Too true!

Thursday SPN Night - Make It or Break It

This is it.  And frankly, I'm pretty nervous about the whole thing.  Worried.  Scared, even.  I have no good thoughts for tonight's ep, lots of horrible ones, lots of worries, and if it goes down the way I and others have theorized, it could actually ruin the entire series for me.  Which means no more going back and enjoying Season 1 and Season 2 (or other seasons), cause Kripke will have managed to ruin the entire thing for me.

Like when you read a good book, and you're into it, but then you find out what happens at the end and you go "WTF?  What the hell is the point anymore!"  And it ruins the whole thing for you.

Like that.

This season has just been so horrible for this Dean fan.  On every level, and I don't just mean the Dean stuff.  So much has been wanky and stupid.  And now, it's gotten even more stupider.  To the point where you just wonder about the whole damn thing.

I just don't even know.


15 minutes to go.
bite me

Fringe Vs SPN

Fringe: How to do a season finale build up.

Supernatural: How not to do a season finale build up.

Fringe: How to respect your characters.

Supernatural: How not to respect your characters.

Funny how this time last season, I had given up on Fringe because it was annoying me, and I was glued to my set with Supernatural, and this season, it's reverse.

Oh, Supernatural, how you have failed me so.  I regret the day I ever hoped for a sixth season for you, and I regret the day I ever celebrated your renewal.

And Jensen, I apologize for getting sucked into and buying into, Kripke & Gamble's BS.  If I hadn't, maybe you would have been free after this season, to find a role that the writer's respected, on a show where you would be valued.  I hope you won't blame your fans too much, for supporting a show that has screwed you over.  But hey, at least we know now, right?