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Let's see. I love "Supernatural" and Dean Winchester, aka Jensen Ackles, which is how I ended up finding Live Journal and starting one of my own. I like making graphics, specifically wallpaper, though I haven't been doing a whole lot of that lately. I tend to ship characters on the shows I watch and get really into the pairings. While most of them are romantic ships, not all of them are. I'm also very into friend-ships, like House & Wilson on "House" and Shawn & Gus on "Pysch." Some of my favorite romantic pairings these days are Robin & Patrick on "General Hospital" and...actually, there is no one else right now. Kind of low on romantic ships these days, as all of my faves have been cancelled, LOL! I also love to read, am a huge Anglophile and English history nut, and enjoy surfing the net, looking for stuff on my faves.